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    اسئلة الست بك للصف العاشر الفتره الاولي محلوله Grade 10
    SET BOOK QUESTIONS المنهج الكويتي الجديد
    ================================================== ==============
    A)Answer the following questions :-
    1-Why should you as a Muslim eat wisely?
    a-To keep my body healthy and strong.
    b-To keep my soul and spirit strong.

    2- Give examples of probiotic drinks.
    a-Yakult. b-Actimel.

    3-How could a person choose the best place for eating?
    a-The place that provides organic foods.
    b-The place that provides fresh and healthy food .

    4-What are the advantages ( pros ) and disadvantages ( cons ) of the vegetarian lifestyle ?
    a-It is an important part of any diet .
    b-It may cause malnutrition and health problems .

    5-Name two products of unsaturated fats .
    a-Olive oil. b-Dairy products .

    6-What are the benefits of the unsaturated fat ?
    a-It can improve skin . b-It can fuel brain power .

    7-Name two foods that Islam recommends .
    a-Honey. b-Olive .
    c-Milk .
    8-How can you keep your mind and soul in a tip-top shape ?
    a-Probiotic drinks . b-Eating chocolate .
    c-Drinking green tea .

    9-Why are probiotic drinks important?
    a-Because they contain good bacteria .

    10-What is the difference between good and bad bacteria ?
    a-Good bacteria are helpful for the digestive process .
    b-Bad bacteria lead to infections and illness .

    11-Why is green tea useful?
    a-It can treat headache and depression .
    b-It contains antioxidants .

    12-Antioxidents are beneficial. Give reasons.
    a-They remove harmful substances from the body.
    b-They can lower cholesterol in blood.

    13-How can dark chocolate help diabetics?
    -It can ****bolise sugar and change it into energy.

    14-Why can the nutritional value of fish vary?
    a-It depends on the type of fish
    b-It depends on the way it is *****d .

    15-Which disease can eating fish reduce and prevent ?
    a-Heart disease . b-Arthritis.

    16-Why do most vegetables have more nutritional value when eaten raw ?
    -Because the heat from *****ng damages and kills some of the nutrients.

    17-How can you keep fit and healthy ?
    a-Doing exercises daily . b-Eating green foods .
    c-Lowering salt and sugar in our food. d-Varying proteins .

    18-Which nutrients do you need to improve your performance ?
    a-Carbohydrates . b-Proteins .
    c-Vitamins . d-Minerals .
    e-Water .
    19-Which nutrients should you avoid ?Why ?
    -Fats because they lead to obesity and overweight .

    20-What are the benefits of dates .
    a-It reduces pain . b-It makes the heart rate normal .
    c-It is rich in proteins and vitamins . d-It has essential minerals.

    21-When you sweat a lot , you need to drink extra water . Why?
    a-It prevents dehydration. b-It flushes out toxins .

    22-The carbohydrate and fats are important to our bodies .Explain .
    a-Carbohydrates provide us with energy.
    b-Fats fuel our brain power

    23-Proteins and vitamins are necessary to us .Why ?
    a-Proteins build and repair our muscles .
    b-Vitamins help concentration and making quick decisions .

    24-Why do we need minerals and water ?
    a-Minerals strengthen our bones and prevent tiredness .
    b-Water prevents dehydration and flushes out toxins .

    Write ( T ) true or ( F ) false and justify your answers :-

    1-The antioxidants in green tea are harmful and can cause diseases. ( F )
    They help combat diseases such as cancer and arthritis.

    2-We should avoid eating chocolate. ( F )
    Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure.

    3-Eating the dark chocolate in moderation can benefit diabetics. ( T )
    -It can improve the process of ****bolizing sugar.

    4-Carbohydrates are essential to marathon runners. ( T )
    -They are a main source of energy.

    5-Vitamins are not important for athletes. ( F )
    -They help them to concentrate and stay calm.

    6-One should drink a lot of water daily. ( T )
    -It prevents dehydration.

    7- Placing dates in a newborn baby's mouth is an Islamic custom. ( T )
    -It can reduce pain and stabilize heart rate.

    8-Too much saturated fat is important to our bodies. ( X )
    -Because they are full of antioxidants.

    9-Too much fat is of vital importance to our bodies. ( X )
    -Fats lead to obesity and heart diseases.


    1-When was The United Nations founded?
    -In 1945.

    2-How many members does the UN have?
    -192 members.

    3-How can we achieve peace?
    A- International, intellectual and interfaith dialogue.
    B- Respecting other cultures.
    C- Through tolerance.

    4-What has Kuwait done to further the culture of peace?
    A- Organizing conferences to support the culture of peace.
    B- Arranging seminars to raise the awareness of respect among the Kuwaiti citizens.

    5-How can you show respect to others?
    a-By accepting other cultures and opinions.
    b-Sharing moral values .
    c-Using polite language .

    6-Mention two famous Arab scholars ?
    a-Ibn Battuta. B-Ibn Khaldoun.

    7-Why do the member states in the UN meet ?
    -To discuss the disagreements between countries.


    1-Mention two famous buildings in Kuwait ?
    a-National Assembly Building .
    b-Kuwait Towers .

    2-What are the advantages of building a new airport in Kuwait ?
    a-It will make travel easier
    b-It will solve the traffic problems .

    3- What are the disadvantages of building a new airport in Kuwait ?
    a-Schools will be badly affected in the area .
    b-It will bring an unwelcome influx of traffic to the area .

    4-What are the main parts of the traditional dress in Kuwait ?
    a-Ghutra. b-Igal. c-Gafiah d-Dishdash .

    5-Why do men wear dishdasha in the Gulf ?
    a-It's comfortable .
    b-It's a part of their culture .

    6-What are the characteristics of the National Assembly Building?

    7-What kinds of activities could you enjoy in shopping centers?
    a-Leisure activities . b-Watching a film in the cinema.

    8-Name three bridges around the world ?
    a-King Fahed . b-Golden Code
    c-Clifton suspension

    9-What are the types of calligraphy in Arabic ?
    a-Thulth b-Ruqah c-Rube'


    Grade 10 UNIT: 1
    to take in or soak up (energy, or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action

    a substance in some foods that cleans the body and protects it from diseases مضاد للتأكسد

    A arthritis a disease that causes painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints
    التهاب مفاصل

    a stimulant found in tea and coffee that can cause health problems
    ماده منبهه - كافيين
    a ****llic element that forms and strengthens bones and teeth الكالسيوم

    Cholesterol a chemical substance found in your blood, causing heart diseases ماده الكولسترول

    combat to take action to reduce, destroy or prevent
    يقاوم - يحد - يمنع

    dietician a professional who advises on healthy eating اخصائى تغذيه

    digestive of or relating to the process of digesting food عمليه الهضم

    fiber important nutrient found in wholegrain products like brown rice ألياف نباتيه

    iron a mineral found in food الحديد
    ****bolise to change food in your body into energy تحويل الطعام(الأيض
    neutralise to make a substance chemically neutral يحيد- محايدة
    nutrition the process of providing the food necessary for good health and growth تغذيه
    probiotic containing 'good' bacteria to improve health يحتوى على بكتيريا نافعة
    protein a natural substance that exists in foods such as meat, eggs and beans and which the body needs in order to grow healthily بروتين
    saturated fat a type of fat from meat and milk products that is thought to be less healthy than other kinds of fat from vegetables دهون مشبعة
    stimulant a substance that increases nervous activity in the body محفز
    unsaturated fat describing the unhealthy fats found in food دهون غير مشبعة
    vitamin a chemical substance in food that is necessary for good health فيتامينات

    deficiency a lack of the nutrients that our bodies need نقص غذائي

    grilled *****d over the fire in a grill مشوي

    ****bolism the chemical processes by which food is changed into energy in your body تحويل الطعام(الايض)
    organic Produced without the use of chemicals عضوي
    pomegranate a round fruit that has a red skin and juicy red seeds الرمان
    RDA Recommend daily allowance (n) الكمية المسموح بها يوميا
    sodium a chemical found in salt الصوديوم
    supplement a substance taken to add vitamins, etc. to a person's diet إضافة
    appeal to attract to one's interest يناشد

    atmospheric (of a mood) pleasurable and interesting or exciting في حالة مزاجيه جيده
    crammed full of healthy properties د سم- مزدحم

    eatery a restaurant or other place where people can be served مطعم

    fanatic someone who likes a particular thing or activity very much
    متعصب- متحمس
    malnutrition the lack of proper nutrition سوء التغذية

    salad bar a place in a restaurant with different vegetables that you can choose to make your own
    قسم السلطة(في مطعم)
    vegetarian Of or relating to the exclusion of meat or other animal products
    irresponsibly In an irresponsible manner بشكل غير مسئول
    wholesome Suggestive of good health and physical wellbeing صحي- مفيد

    Unit 2

    إيمان- معتقد a faith creed ( n)
    طموح a hope or ambition of achieving Something Aspiration
    مندوب- ممثل a person sent or authorised to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference delegate n.
    ينوع - يصنف the state of being diverse; variety diversity n.
    مبادرة – خطوة أولى the ability to assess and initiate things independently initiative n.
    وسيط of, relating to, or between different religions or members of different religions interfaith )adj.)
    mentor (n.) an experienced and trusted advisor مستشار – ناصح-معلم خاص
    seminar /(n.) a conference or other meeting for discussion or training ندوة –حاقة دراسية
    tolerance the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behaviour that one does not necessarily agree with تسامح-سعة صدر
    calligraphy (n.) decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering خط اليد
    Consistently adv . continuing to happen or developing in the same way متلائم- ثبات- متماسك
    account - n a report or de******ion of an event or experience تقرير
    inspirational adj. providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration ملهم
    diverse adj. showing a great deal of variety ينوع
    Master- v to acquire complete knowledge or skill in an accomplishment, technique or art يتسيد-يسيطر
    richly adv. in an elaborate, generous or plentiful way بثراء – بغنى فاحش
    conduct v. to organise and carry out يدير- يتحكم
    figure n. person of a particular kind, often important شخصيه مهمة
    cover v. to travel a particular distance يقطع مسافة
    detrimental adj damaging مدمر
    ground, breakup' innovative; involving new discoveries مبدع
    high-ranking great, or greater than normal in quantity, size or intensity ذو مكانة عاليه(رفيعة)
    pilgrimage a journey to a holy place for religious purposes الحج
    relevant closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand وثيق- ذو صلة وثيقة
    review a critical evaluation of a book نقد

    Unit 3

    concrete a substance used for building that is made by mixing sand very small stones, cement and water خرسانة
    deserve to be worthy of something especially as a reward or punishment يستحق
    drill to make a hole in something يحفر
    evoke to produce a strong feeling someone يثير – يحفز
    expressionist of a style of building art seeking to express emotions معبر
    forecourt an open area in front of a large building مقدمه الساحة
    foundation the solid layer of cement, bricks, stones, etc. that is put under a building to support it أساس
    framework the main supporting parts of a building هيكل المبنى
    geometric of or relating to geometry, or according to its methods هندسي
    renowned known and admired by a lot of people, especially for a special مشهور – معروف
    slightly a small room used for performances
    venue the place where something happens, especially an organised event such as a concert, conference or sports event موقع الحدث
    chic elegantly and stylishly fashionable أنيق – الاناقه
    governmental of a government حكومي
    mediumistic or associated with modernism, a style that is more modern than traditional وسطى
    public open to all people عام – شائع
    residential designed for people to live in سكني - داخلي
    spacious having plenty of space فسيح - واسع
    substantial of considerable importance, size or value جوهري
    advocate to publicly recommend or support يؤيد - يساند
    sturdy strongly and solidly built قوى - متين
    apprehensive anxious or fearful that something bad will happen قلق – عصبي- جبان
    benefit receive an advantage ;profit gain يستفيد - يربح
    council deliberative or legislative body of people formally constituted and meeting regularly مجلس
    detrimental Damaging ضار- متلف
    influx an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things تدفق
    objective aim or goal هدف
    profitable producing a financial gain مربح
    voice to express (something) in words يعبر بكلمات


    Unit 2
    1- What was the aim of the Culture of Peace meeting?
    The aim was to show that everyone should treat each other with respect and tolerance.

    2- What is the main purpose of the UN?
    To agree on rules and laws through which countries can work together.

    3- What was Kuwait government role in the conference? Or
    What has Kuwait done to further the Culture of Peace?
    It has organized conferences in London.
    It has arranged seminars and programmes.

    4- Why has Kuwait government organized many conferences?
    To raise awareness and respect amongst Kuwaitis.

    5- How can we achieve a culture of tolerance and mutual understanding?
    Through international and interfaith dialogue.

    6- How can mentoring schemes help build relationships in your community?
    Mentoring breaks down barriers in our community.
    Mentoring encourages individual aspiration.

    7- Who can benefits from being mentored?
    a- Teenagers b- pupils in schools

    8- Why is it important to respect and tolerate other people?
    This will lead to:
    a- Countries can work together.
    b- The world will be a secure place to live in.

    9- In what way you can show respect for other culture?
    a- Through mutual understanding.
    b- Through religious tolerance.

    10- Mention the different forms of Islamic art?
    a- Architecture b- Literature c- Calligraphy

    11- What does Ibn Battuta’s account include?
    It includes:
    - De******ions of his pilgrimages.
    - The cities he stayed in

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    رد: اسئله الست بك للصف العاشر الفترة الاولى

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    Set book ( Unit one )
    Lesson 1
    1. As a Muslim what's my duty towards my body and soul?
    a) I should keep my body healthy and strong.
    b) I sould keep my soul and spirit strong.

    2. Why is good bacteria important?
    a) It helps stimulate digestive process.
    b) It helps neutralise bad bacteria.
    3. Green tea is useful for the body.Explain.
    a) It is rich in the antioxidants.
    b) It removes harmful substances from the body.

    4. How can dark chocolate help diabetics?
    It improves the ****bolism of sugar for diabetics.

    5. Dark chocolate is good for our health.comment
    a) It could lower blood pressure .
    b) It improves ****bolism.

    6. Why are antioxidants good for our bodies?
    a) They help combat diseases.
    b) They lower cholestrol.
    c) They improve immune system.

    7. How can you keep your mind and body in a tip-top shape?
    a) Drink green tea and probiotic drinks.
    b) Eat dark chocolate.

    Lesson 2
    8. Beans are useful for our health.How?
    a) They contain protein , iron , vitamin B and folic acid.
    b) They are antioxidants. They can reduce cholestrol.

    9. Eating fish is of great importance to be healthy . Explain.
    a) Fish contain protein , vitaminB , calcuim.
    b) It can reduce the chances for heart diseases and prevent cancer.

    10.Onion has great effect on our health. How?
    a) It contains vitamin C.
    b) It is antioxidant.
    Lesson 3 (W.B)
    11-Carbohydrates are vital for all athletes. Give reasons.
    They are the main source of energy for the body
    12-Eating too much saturated fat is very harmful. Discuss.
    It can lead to:
    a) Obesity. B) heart disease.
    13-Unsaturated fats should be included in your diet. Why?
    a) It can improve skin.
    b ) It can fuel the brain power.
    14- Vitamins are very essential for our bodies . Discuss
    a) Vitamin A promotes good vision
    b) Vitamin B reduces stress
    c) Vitamin C keeps skin healthy

    15- Why is drinking water useful for our bodies?
    a) It prevents dehydration.
    b) It removes toxins from the body.
    Lesson 5

    16. What is the recommended food in your daily diet?
    a) Eat more dark green vgetables.
    b) Vary your protein.
    c) Eat fish and nuts.

    Lesson 8

    17.What are the advantages and disadvantages of avegetarian lifestyle?
    Advantages: a) It contains a lot of vitamins
    b)It is rich in minerals and water.

    Disadvantages: a) It can cause malnutrition
    b)Many vegetarians lack the RDAof iron , protein and calcuim.

    State the following statements are true or false justifying your answer:

    1- Too much saturated fat can lead to heart diseases and obesity. ( true )
    Saturated fats are bad for health.

    2- A well balanced diet should contain RDA of variety of vitamins. ( true )
    The recommended daily allowance of nutrients like vitamin A prompts good vision , vitamin B increases energy production and reduces stress .

    3- Reasearches found eating dark chocolate every day could lower blood pressure .
    ( false )
    Eating dark chocolate for 15 days could lower blood pressure.

    4- Probiotic drinks are useless ( false )
    They are away of improving our immune system

    5- Avoid dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach. ( false )
    Eat more dark green vegetables because they are rich in vitamins.

    6- A vegetarian diet must be supplemented. ( true )
    Because it may cause malnutrition .



    عاشر الفتره الاولي
    صفحة 5 التمرين رقم 2
    Effects on performance
    Provide main source of energy.
    Fuel our brain power. Provide slow-releasing energy.
    Build and repair muscles.
    Help concentration , promote calmness and quick decision-making
    Juices,smoothies,vitamin supplements

    Strengthens bones and support our bodies.
    Prevents dehydration.
    Water,sports drinks

    التمرين الثالث :صفحة 5:

    a- Nutrition facts
    b- Serving size
    c- 28 percent
    d- Carbohydrate……………. Dietary fibre
    e- Calorie
    f- Protein
    g- A…………..C
    h- Daily values
    i- Servings……………serving……..cup………………….456g
    j- sodium

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